Product Brochure 

Turn Any Room Into a Collaboration Center

LAT-mDESK™ is a unique product that allows you to turn any conference room table into a collaboration center. LAT-mDESK™ is a drop-in device that allows multiple participants in a conference room to take control and/or share their individual computer screens. LAT-mDESK™ makes any simple meeting or conference room into a complete collaboration center.


Collaboration is a hot-topic in libraries today because it allows the ability to leverage the dynamic of a group environment - to "crowd-source" ideas and provide a high-tech meeting atmosphere. Since mostly everyone has their own computing device, its not the device availability that is required, but an easy way to share the screen content.

By installing LAT-mDESK™ into your meeting room, you immediately create a powerful collaboration center where multiple people can work on and share on common projects, while working at their own individual screens. Its simple, easy, professional and highly affordable.


Here is how it works.

Drop-in LAT-mDESK™ into the center of any table. We provide on-site installation or you can do it yourself.

Notice multiple control buttons inside
Each collaborator pulls out and connects the integration cable to their computer. Multiple controls / options are available via internal push-buttons (seen inside)
Any collaborator can now project their screen on to a common display. Multiple control options are available via internal push-buttons.

Some key LAT-mDesk™ Benefits

  • Orders of magnitude less expensive than any comparable unit
  • Aesthetically pleasing. That is, there are no ugly wires, cables, plugs...etc., to worry about, everything is neatly tucked away underneath the table.
  • Full installation guides are provided.
  • On-Site installation by LAT authorized representatives is available
  • Full 1 year warranty is included
  • Can be re-used or moved as needed
  • Optional components, such as large-screen monitors, digital signage capability (infoVue™) and more are available as stand-alone or as a bundle

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