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LAT-Leap™ - Powerful, Economical Self-Check Systems to Choose From

LAT-Leap™ is a friendly, ergonomically correct, fully ADA compliant, compact patron self checkout system. No wires, nice and clean. Numerous options allow desensitization, EM, RFID, Case Opener and many other upgrades. Fully loaded FlashScan software provides unprecedented capabilities and features, such as multiple patron languages, Custom Patron Warnings and Custom Messaging and more. In use in 100's of libraries today, FlashScan is the leader in self-service, self checkout systems.

Complete and Affordable Desktop Solution for All Your Self-Checkout Needs Today and Tomorrow.

LAT-Leap™ is a custom made, all-in-one system that is designed to withstand public use and abuse. Protected and hidden away controls guarantee that this factory-hardened unit will survive for many years to come.


LAT-Leap™ design understands the current problems that librarians face with shortage of space and internal real-estate. As a result the LEAP™ is a completely portable, desktop solution that can exist anywhere in your library. You can even hang the system on the wall and have a "zero-footprint" self checkout system.

LAT-Leap™ is loaded with features and options that far surpass any existing systems of today. Don't let the small size fool you. Tattle-Tape desensitizing, RFID Capabilities, Mixed security modes, wireless, removable high powered multidimensional scanner capable of reading from smart phones...etc., are just a few of the capabilities you can expect.


LAT-Leap™ runs FlashScan™ core - a leading software system that has been installed in 100's of libraries for over a decade. Over 500+ settings and options make FlashScan™ software totally flexible to your needs and requirements. Fully animation driven, with numerous languages built-in, this software make our systems have nearly 95% acceptance rate by patrons.


LAT-Leap™ supports ALL Security Gate Types; Fully SIP Compliant; Multi-Language Enhanced; Multi-dimensional high-speed removable Scanning Engine included; High-Speed Printing Engine included; Much, much more..


Have unique requirements? No-Problem. Unlike all of our competitors, LAT welcomes special requests. Contact LAT sales representative with your specifications.


Other models are available:

LAT-Maxine™ - A fully loaded desktop self-check system with optional built-in desensitizer and/or RFID

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A variation of the LAT-Maxine™ with Meganite trimmings.

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LAT-Max™ - A fully loaded floor standing self-check system with numerous add-on options.

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Some Expansion Options

All of the options below seamlessly integrate with LAT-Leap™ or any of the other models to provide a smooth, easy patron experience. Numerous settings provide complete customization of these options to fit to your needs.

  • Desensitizer to support TattleTape™ strips
  • RFID supporting any ISO compliant tags.
  • Media Case Openers for automated opening of the One-Time™ and other cases
  • Hand-held or stationary scanner engines
  • Additional Language Packs
  • Customizations of on-screen animations
  • Additional expansion options are available and often added - contact us with your needs

All LAT-Leap™ come included with LAT-Central™.   LAT-Central™ is our Enterprise Management Software which allows the library unprecedented capability of controlling, changing and reporting.


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