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LAT-Release™ - Automate media cases

LAT-Release™ is an unique device that can fully automate the opening (and locking) of OneTime™ media cases. This is an unique device that is fully idle until it is instructed to open a media case. It can be in a stand-alone mode or tethered mode connected to any host self-check system. Integration API's are available for any self-check vendor to integrate LAT-Release™ into their process. API's are already build-in into all LAT's self-check systems, such as LAT-Leap  or LAT-Cube .

LAT-Release™ is a unique device that can operate in two modes:

Stand-Alone Mode

This mode is primarily designed for staff to eliminate Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) from doing thousands of monotonous movements constantly opening of OneTime™ media cases. In this mode, LAT-Release™ is constantly ready to open the media case for you. Simply drop in the locked case, and a second later the case is opened and ejected. What could be more simpler, error free and easy?

LAT-Release Out
Drop It In Take It Out

Working as an assistant to staff operations, LAT-Release™ provides various lock-modes as well as tracking capability for statistical reporting.

Tethered Mode

The Tethered Mode allows LAT-Release™ functionality to exist in any automated self-check environment. Using LAT-Release™ integration API's, any self-check system can now incorporate LAT-Release™ functionality into their self-service process. With LAT-Release™ the patrons will no longer need to abandon self-service process or perform additional steps (often involving staff) to open media cases. They can now do it all with LAT-Release™ as part of their normal process.

Note: LAT-Release™ integration API's are already embedded into all LAT self-check products.

  • Totally idle or inactive until needed in the process
  • API's provide various controls, such as power and idle times
  • Fully secured to prevent any unauthorized use



In addition to seamlessly opening up the OneTime™ media cases in a stand-alone or tethered modes, the LAT-Release™ can also optionally desensitize TattleTape™ Security Strips and/or disable security bits of the item RFID tags.

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